Carboflex NS 125 Airshaft (2021)

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The handiest thanks to its finer handle. Played by Nour El Sherbini

Featuring Iconic Technologies

  •  Airshaft Section for faster acceleration
  •  X-Arms for Flex Reinforcement
  •  Extended String Holes
  • Extended holes and flaired grommets in 12 specific locations for more playability and tolerance.
  • Strung in Dynamix V.P the new string for best power


  • Frame Weight (unstrung): 125g (±5g)
  • Headsize: 500cm²
  • Balance: 355mm (±5mm)
  • Strung: Dynamix V.P 1.25
  • Grip: Squash Dry
  • Includes a complete Tecnifibre cover