X-Tac Replacement Grip Drum (24x)

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Zateq X-Tac Replacement Grip. Zateq X-Tac is one of the tackiest grips on the market and has great moisture absorption. Under the conditions that apply in squash, this is one of the most exciting news for players who know the value of using a good grip.

Contents: 4 Black, 4 Green, 4 Orange 4 Yellow 4 Blue, 4 Pink

If you choose the wrong grip or use it too long, you will find that your performance drops, and you can sustain injuries in the forearm and wrist. Zateq X-Tac you simply use less effort to hold the racket when you sweat and this will significantly improve your game. Definitely a grip which sweeps all competitors in the field and even to a very good introduction price. Zateq X-Tac is made from MULTI-LAYER PU for excellent absorbency.

For Squash, Tennis and Badminton.