BLOG #1 November 2020

BLOG #1 November 2020

BLOG #1 11 Nov 2020.

This is my first attempt at a blog post so please bare with me. Most of the squash centers are closed in Germany due to the lockdown. Quite a few of the other European Countries have the same situation. I thought i would take this opportunity then to write something on my blog.

1.) Norman who does tirelessly some good work on our Social Media sites has entered a DSQV Sportwerk PSA Closed Satelite (Men+Women) on Friday onwards. Sean is in Amsterdam finishing his international business studies and taken his squash gear with him. We will report on the squash over there soon.

2.) We have now got the two top Harrow rackets from Tarek Momen and Karim Gawad in stock. Lets see what the reaction is! #greatexpectations 

3.) The Tecnifibre Airshaft 125 has so far outsold most of the other top range rackets. Of notice the top of the range Karakal rackets are all selling well. 

4.) On the shoe front it seems that the move from Prince back to the old vendor has proven to be a good one. It seems now the classic Prince NFS11 shoe with new colour Blk/Red is back to the quality it had been known for in the early days. 

5.)  On a personal note i would like to wish everyone good health in these difficult times especially Mark Cowley (one of the best around in my age group) who has been through a tough time because of this virus. I have played against and alongside Mark since the O45s. #getwellsoonbigman  regards Derek 

FOTO: Mark Cowley on the left on his way to win Euro Closed O60s in the semis. #Breslau



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