Dunlop Competition Squash Balls - 12er Box

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The Dunlop Competition Squashball is the ideal ball for recreational and advanced players. In addition, this ball is also used by advanced players in colder weather conditions. The ball is the same size as the Dunlop Pro squash ball but has 10% more bounce. This gives you more time to play the ball and makes it a little easier to keep a rally going. The Dunlop Competition Squashball should be warmed up before use.

The 12 balls are packed in a box. The balls are also packed individually in a small box. You never know exactly when a ball will run out of air and need replacing. That's why it's always good to have a few extra squash balls on hand.

  • Competition // Single Yellow Dot
  • Black
  • 12er Box
  • 12% larger size for beginner players