Karakal Core Pro (2022)

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Karakal NEXGEN Fast Fibre Graphite and Karakal Click Bridge Technology.

The Karakal Core Pro squash racket with Click Bridge Technology is manufactured using Karakal's NEXGEN Fast Fibre Graphite throughout the frame, Core Bridge and handle.

Karakal NEXGEN Fast Fibre graphite delivers an additional 15% Faster return to shape than conventional layups and taking control, accuracy and power to the next level.

The Karakal Core Bridge allows for longer strings, an increased sweet spot and the incorporation of Karakal's NEW Click Bridge Technology which enables you to adjust the rackets power level just by adjusting the strings on the Core Bridge. Simply click out for power, click in for control.

Karakal Click Bridge Technology

The NEXGEN Fast Fibre graphite frame, the power shaft technology and graphite handle all helps to improve the stability and accuracy of your shots.

The Core Pro Racket is fitted with a crystal-clear grommet set and is strung with Karakal's Karakal Hot Zone Braided String in black. The fan stringing pattern will have the effect of shifting the sweet spot higher up the head allowing you greater levels of control. The looped string system also helps to reduce vibration and the racket also comes with a built-in vibration dampener in the shaft. The Core Pro racket has a frame weight of 120gms.

With the environment in mind all of Karakal's new top end rackets now come with a Full Bag Eco Cover, made with soft Eco fleece material, which is 100% recyclable.

  • Karakal Click-Bridge Technology
  • Karakal Hot Zone Braided string in black
  • 120 g Frame weight (unstrung)
  • NEXGEN Fast Fibre Construction
  • NEXGEN FF Core Bridge
  • One-piece construction
  • Midplus 455cm²
  • Fan String Pattern 14/18
  • 350mm Balance point
  • Built in Vibration dampener
  • Full Bag Eco Cover
  • Fitted with Karakal’s No. 1 PU Super Grip
  • Item# KS22006