Dunlop I-Armor Squash Goggle - Red

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Product description

Dunlop I-Armor squash goggles
The Dunlop I-Armor squash goggles stand for the ultimate view of the ball, maximum stability, high comfort and absolute protection for your eyes.

The Dunlop I-Armor squash goggles are robust squash goggles with an attractive design. The frame is black and features a silver-tone emblem with the Dunlop logo on either side in the center. The arms are green with black and have slight indentations to prevent the lenses from slipping. The nose support is made of a soft but sturdy material with small notches. This not only increases the wearing comfort, but also the grip that the glasses have on the nose. The associated headband also ensures that the glasses sit firmly on the head when perspiring. The glasses are made of polycarbonate and offer optimal protection for your eyes when playing squash.

You can safely store these sturdy squash glasses in the included pouch, which can also be used as a cleaning cloth.

Eye protection is recommended when playing squash. The squash ball is exactly the size of your eye socket and a high speed ball can cause serious eye damage. With the Dunlop I-Armor squash glasses you stand safe on the squash court.


Target group: adults
Packaging includes: squash goggles / headband / microfiber protective case
Color: Red