Head G.110

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HEAD G.110 

An upgraded version of the legendary Ti110, the HEAD G.110 squash racket is a great choice for attacking power players who want to keep their opponents under constant pressure. It has a teardrop head shape and an oversized 77in2 (495cm2) head to deliver a larger, more forgiving sweet spot and let you load the ball with power. With a frame weight of only 110g (3.9oz), the G.110 is easier to swing, ideal for aggressive volley play and facilitates power generation through greater swing speeds. Head heavy balanced, it makes it easier to hit the ball harder while providing more control over your strokes. An open 12x17 string pattern and Graphene 360 technology enhance the racket’s power potential and ensure more stability at impact. It is best suited to beginners and intermediate level players.


  • Head Size: 77in2 (495cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 110g (3.9oz)
  • Balance: Head heavy
  • Beam: 19.5mm - 20.5mm - 20.4mm
  • Length: 27" (685mm)
  • Strung with a synthetic gut string
  • String Pattern: 12x17
  • Grip: Dual Absorbing (black)
  • Supplied without a cover