Tecnifibre Slash 120 Mostafa Asal

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The Tecnifibre SLASH 120g is the lightest racquet in the series and is racquet of choice for world #1 player Mostafa Asal, it is the CONTROL racquet of the SLASH series with a smaller, rounder head size and shape along with a thinner, 261 mm2 shaft size for control. The larger yoke area with inside reinforcements creates ultimate stability.

The Slash series is a compliment to Tecnifibre's Carboflex Series. The SLASH Series offers modernized construction and Open Yoke Technology for unparalleled control and power, providing players with the best options to enhance their performance on the court. for Mostafa the SLASH 120 features CONTROL Technology, a smaller head size, larger yoke and a more streamlined shaft for ultimate control and stability. The SLASH 125, 130 and 135 feature POWER Technology: boasting a large head size, smaller yoke and oversized shaft for supreme power and tolerance.


  • Weight: 120g
  • Factory String: 305 Green
  • Strung Surface: 75.2 in2/485 cm2
  • Factory Grip: Dry Grip
  • Balance: 350 mm
  • Frame Shape: Tear
  • String Pattern: 14/18
  • Beam: 18 mm
  • Construction: Slash/Graphite