Dunlop Sonic Core Iconic 130 (2022)

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A legendary Dunlop control frame brought up to date with added Sonic Core technology at 10 and 2
O’Clock and Flex Touch Resin in the throat. The best of both worlds for the Dunlop player who
wants the control of the conventional head but with the power of a 500cm².

  • Construction: Premium Graphite
  • Head size: 500 cm²
  • Balance: Even
  • Frame weight (unstrung): 130 g*
  • Length: 68.6 cm
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Item#: 10326927
  • The racket is factory strung and comes without a racket cover!


In addition to better rebound properties, Infinergy® material also has impressive damping properties and reduces vibration unlike a standard carbon fiber Dunlop racquet.

Enjoy enhanced control, feel and comfort.
Get a softer feeling touch and control with good repellent properties. NEW Material developed by KURARAYPLASTICS CO., LTD. Unique high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound High elasticity and vibration damping properties.

*Weights may vary slightly due to manufacturing.