Tecnifibre Wall Master 375

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With the Wall Master 375 Padel Racket, Tecnifibre gives you all the tools for control and precision. This racket benefits from the Arch-Bridge system at the throat and a solid 375 grams weight for impressive stability at contact. Meanwhile, the Carbon Shield XTC construction allows great shock absorption to protect your arm, while the Progressive Holes Diameter technology enlarges the sweetspot for you to find greater precision and forgiveness on off-center shots. With its rounded head shape, the Wall Master 375 offers all the control you need on each strike but Tecnifibre gives you the opportunity to add some spin to your shots with its Spin Skin 3D technology. Finally, for extra durability, the Front Block technology at edges protects the frame from wall impacts.

  • Weight: 375g (±5g)
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Balance: 265mm
  • Beam: 38mm
  • Core Composition: EVA
  • Frame Composition: 100% Carbon
  • Ability Level: Intermediate, Advanced


  • Arch-Bridge: Bridge at the throat for added stability and control
  • Carbon Shield XTC: Braided carbon fibres to increase comfort and power
  • Progressive Holes Diameter: Three different hole sizes for a bigger sweetspot
  • Spin Skin 3D: Rough surface to grip the ball for added spin
  • Front Block: Material at edges to protect the racket from wall impacts